Italy, the territory that gave birth to Enduro, considered the country with the most Trails in Europe, where distances are short and the diversity of landscapes is huge.

Livigno, Trento, Lago di Garda, Finale Ligure surely sound familiar. The’re some of the most renowned destinations in the world of MTB, Italy has almost 5000 trails of different levels in a very small geographical space, so it’s considered one of the best destination in the world for the practice of this sport. Let’s not forget that it’s recognized for its history, art, culture, not to mention, gastronomy. Traveling with friends, knowing unique landscapes, incredible trails, drinking beer and eating pizza would be the best summary of this trip.

The airport of Milan is in charge of welcoming us, but without losing much time we get on the vehicles heading north to the Italian town of Livigno, where we will spend 4 days enjoying the natural routes and the bike park that coexist between the Alps.

Then we continue the trip to the province of Trento located 4 hours away, where our stay will be 10 days, enjoying what we consider the area with the best trails and landscapes in Italy.
The Dolomites (mountain range renamed by UNESCO) Lago di Garda, the pine forest full of natural and artificial trails are some of the wonders that this region has to offer. After the second stage of the trip we will go from the mountains to the sea, to Finale Ligure, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, perhaps the most recognized destination in Europe (and the world) for the Enduro practice, with an infinite variety of trails, built and maintained periodically. After 19 days of pure riding, we only have to return to the same airport that saw us land in the old continent.



June – July

These are the months with the best wheater in Europe for a good holiday with the bike, it’s the time when bike parks are open.
The mountains and the sea are waiting with open arms!!



In all these years we have learned what is needed to travel. We know that nobody wants to feel like the typical tourist and that the best thing is if someone already knows the place and helps him to experience more and better.

How much money and time is saved if someone tells you what circuits to walk, what transport to take or where to go shopping!

For this reason after several trips we understood that the best it’s to be with you at important moments and also give you the freedom to enjoy the trip as you wish.

This is what Girando, offers for this trip:

  • Transfer to and from the airport *
  • Transfers throughout the duration of the tour to each destination. **
  • Coordinator of each group in each lodging (motorhome or houses)
  • Lodging for the entire duration of the trip
  • Personal guide in each destination ***
  • Production of photos and videos for each participant. ****
  • Camping tent in every different destination *****
  • Information for all extra activities on this tour

* Extra transfers are not part of the budget
** Other transfers (tourism, shopping, etc.) are not part of the budget
*** One activity per day for the whole group, in many cases they may end earlier than expected or even be canceled.
**** Individual photos and a general video for each destination visited.
***** In many opportunities you can not mount the tents by regulation of the place.




For this trip we offer two options:

Motorhome: The dream of many can come true, but it’s important to know that you have to limit the amount of luggage and also adapt to the rules of coexistence. Maximum 4 people.

Houses or cabins: We look for places that have all the comforts for this trip in each of the destinations we visit. Maximum 6 people.

Food: Meals are not included in the service, we take care of advising our customers to make purchases of all kinds of food.


The costs are approximate and there may be changes, the approximate cost is 1900 Euros, includes:

  • Transfers at the airport.
  • Transfers during the trip.
  • Lodging for 17 nights. (including night in a Mountain Refuge).
  • Shutlel or chairlift, included (only for the touring group).
  • Guide and instructor.
  • Assistance in tours.
  • Photos and videos (for social networks).


Can you imagine doing 400 km of pure trail, 36 hours with the bike ?, 18000 meters down?, well this is your trip.
It’s ideal for people who like to spend many hours on the bike and where the main focus is enjoying the moment and not necessarily competing. It’s not a trip to be thinking about training, it’s to be surprised by the landscapes, places, circuits and meals that we are going to enjoy.

There’s time for photos, time to go shopping, time for everything.
We are going to spend many hours on a bike, we recommend you to be in good shape to be able to enjoy even more, although where we can do shuttle or use chair lifts we will do it!
This trip is for an advanced-medium level.