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The bike, the mountain and the trips are our way of life

Girando Bike Trips is a group of friends who have been traveling together for more than 10 years to compete, visit new places and have fun.
In all this time with Kittu, Cepi, Jere and another group of friends, we learned to travel efficiently in order to experience each trip in a very different way.

We travel through almost all of Argentina, Canada, Europe, Chile, Peru and other destinations.

Jere has many seasons and spends half of the year in Europe, he is in charge of Girando Bike Trips Europe.

Cepi is one of the South Americans who visited Whistler the most and since 2009, he learned “the thousand and one ways” to travel to the MTB paradise spending as less as possible without sacrificing anything; discounts of passes, bike shops, houses, etc.

These are some of the options that they offer


Martín “Cepi” Raffo

Argentine, professional MTB rider, medical rescuer and managing partner at Ride SRL.
“Cepi” is in charge of evaluating new projects, develope and put them into execution. He is in charge of giving order to new ideas, he’s constantly looking for new challenges.


Christian “Kittu” López Jové

Argentine, professional MTB rider, Graphic Designer and Managing Partner at Ride SRL.
Kittu gives life to the aesthetics and image of the company and all the events graphics (this website inclusive), 15 years of experience, ensures excellent quality!!

Jeremías Maio

Argentine, professional MTB rider.
Jere is our technical manager, he is one of the fastest riders in Argentina, this allows him to contribute in experience and a different perspective.
“Jere” is in charge of representing Ride SRL and Girando Bike Trips in Europe.