Whistler, Canada

“The Disney World for all who love to ride”,  Whistler is much more than that. It’s the largest bike park in the whole world, it’s the mecca of the best events, it’s where everything starts. The dream is to go and return every single year.

What can we say about Whistler that you don’t know?
Everyone’s desire is to go at least once in life, but if you go once … it’s hard not to want to go back!.
In Whistler everything is comfortable, stay in houses with a pool at 600mts (approximate) from the lifts.
The bike park opens from 10 to 20hs. Yes!! 10 hours to ride in more than 70 trails. Not to mention that if you have an enduro bike the possibility of knowing everything in a single trip, is impossible!.
In addition to being in the best place in the whole world to ride a bike, you will also have the chance to enjoy the most important MTB festival Crankworx Whistler, this round is also the annual closing. We compete and we have the luxury of seeing the best events of the year, Joyride, Whip off, Video Festival, etc.
We can telling you more about your dream, the question is:
… what are you waiting to come?


July 30 – August 21

For the trip to Whistler the dates are approximate, but ther’s the possibility of adapting the trip. Email us.



In all these years we have learned what is needed to travel. We know that nobody wants to feel like the typical tourist and that the best thing is if someone already knows the place and helps him to experience more and better.

How much money and time is saved if someone tells you what circuits to walk, what transport to take or where to go shopping!

For the trip to Whistler this is what we offer:

  • Transfers to and from the airport, the more people traveling on the same date, the cheaper these transferes are.
  • Each group will have a guide of our team that will stay in a house (maximum 8 passengers).
  • Lodging in houses near the trails (maximum 8 passengers).
  • A guide in the bike park to show you the most important trails.
    (Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 10 am to 12 noon and in the afternoon, Tuesday – Thursday Enduro rides.)
  • Session of photos and videos for each participant. *
  • Discount on the season pass (competing in 3 Crankworx events)
  • 25% off in bike shops.

* Individual photos and a general video.





In Whistler we take care of looking for apartments that have all the comforts to spend the best 20 days of the year.
Houses and apartments for 4 and 8 people. The accommodations are shared with people who already organized the trip, and if there are fewer people we see how to complete the group.
All the houses are close to the bike park with place to leave the bikes, pool and many other amenities.
We usually work with Glacier Lodge.




Whistler is for all levels. From the beginners to the PRO level they have their place in Whistler although we recommend that in order to enjoy the best this place has to offer, you need to have a medium/advanced level.

Depending on your profile we will recommend what bike to bring, if you are a Park Rat (riders who only go to the bike park), and if your goal is to compete in Crankworx, we recommend 100%, the downhill bike.
If you like to enjoy more natural trails, the enduro bike is your candidate (highly recommended to be no less than 160-170mm).
If you have the two bikes, much better!

We recommend train your body a few months before the trip, Whistler offers you the possibility of doing so many drops per day that if
you are not physically well you can have extreme tiredness, muscle aches, blisters, etc.
If you thought to start training, Whistler justifies it 100%

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